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The first thing when starting couponing is the organization itself. Where does one start? What coupons do and dont I print/clip?There is no right or wrong answer, but I will share with you what I do and hopefully that will bring in some insight.


For me I get the Sunday paper and go through all the inserts. I cut just about every coupon, even ones I wouldn’t normally use. The ones I don’t either have a value of .25 cents off or is for a product I know with absolute certainty that I personally would never use, like cat food (we don’t have a cat). Other than that I cut all other coupons. Why do that? The answer is simple this allows me to try new products when they go on sale for cheap of free!

Here is a great example:

My husband and I don’t usually buy air freshener, especially the expensive motion sensor kind! One Sunday they had a coupon for $4.00 off one. I clipped it and saved it thinking I would never use it. Lo and behold a few weeks later target put them on sale for about $5.00! Already a steal with the coupon, but what made it sweeter was Target had a coupon for another $1.00 off. Used both coupons for a FREE i-motion air freshener! 🙂 Theses normally retail for about $10.00, so this was obviously a great steal. As you can see if I didn’t clip it because I don’t normally use the product I would have never gotten it. Now I can use it for a gift basket, for our guest bathroom when people are over, give it away, etc.

I have learned to clip all coupons! 🙂


How do you even start to organize all these coupons?

I’ll start by saying everyone has their own way of doing it, but once again I will share how I do it!

I first went and bought a 2-inch binder with baseball trading sheets. I also purchased dividers. Next I went through all my coupons and sorted them into categories. I have section like: dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt),cereal, granola bards, baking goods, cleaning supplies, laundry, etc! After I separated them into categories,  I neatly put the coupons in the baseball divides with the picture of the item showing (I can see what the coupon is for at the store EASILY!) and put my folder together. I used the dividers to separate my categories.

As you can see it takes a little time and effort to organize and put together your own folder, but trust me once that is done it is all down hill from there. This makes shopping easier and more efficient!

I say this to everyone and will tell you that you need to find out what works best for you and your family. Each person will find their own ways of dividing and conquering coupons deals, but I think the best advice I can give is to just start! Making mistakes is the way to learning !:)


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Back Again!

I know many maybe saying, what happened? To be honest with work, school, and life in general I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and busy! With that I took a small break, but I am back. School is wrapping up and I am thinking I may take a new approach to this whole blog thing!

Instead of just showing all the deals, I want to share tips, ideas, organizations tips, and more! Hopefully that will help me stay on top of this and help you all out there start to save!



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Huge Express Sale!

I love the store Express, but it can get so pricey! Right now until April 18th you can get up to 60% off, plus get an additional 30% at check-out! That is a savings of up to 90%. You can get men’s shirts for only $7.00 and jeans starting at $20.00!!!

You can score the snakeskin ballet flats for only $7.00 after sale price!!!

Go through Shop at Home and get 4% back on your purchase! 🙂

Thanks, Daily News! 🙂

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Right now if you become a fan of Regal on Facebook you will receive a coupon for a FREE small popcorn. No other purchase is necessary!

Also, join AMC Movie Watchers and you can earn points for free movies, popcorn, candy, drinks, and more! 🙂

Thanks, Hip2Save!

One my husband and I use, we have earn FREE movie tickets multiple times is the Regal Movie Rewards card! Sign up HERE and start earning points the next time you head out to the movies!!!

Earn cool stuff, while enjoying a movie!

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Got Plants?

Have you joined the Home Depot Garden Club? If not, click HERE! Not only do you get to see the ads ahead of time you receive amazing coupons! The latest coupon was for a FREE tree with the purchase of another! That is an awesome deal!

Thanks, The Thrifty Mama

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Old Navy is offering a crazy promotion. It is called, “The Stuff and Save” event where the first 50 customers in line will receive 50% off their entire purchase! This does include clearance and sale items. If you were planning to do some shopping tomorrow, I would head straight to Old Navy and be one of the first 50!

Thanks, Mama Loves to Save!

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Printing all these amazing coupons can make your ink feel like its running out faster and faster. Don’t worry because I have 2 great options to refill/replace on the cheap!

Walgreens April 22nd:

You will be able to head on over to Walgreens and get both your black and color ink cartridges refilled for only $1.00!!! That is an awesome deal. Check HERE to make sure they carry your brand! **You will need a coupon from their ad, but it should be in store if not sent to your home!**


Check out 123inkjet next time you need ink. Sean and I usually have to pay over $50 to get new ink, but with 123inkjet we only paid $12.00 for both!!! Make sure you go through Shop At Home and earn 20% back on your purchase, yes I said 20%!!! 🙂

2 sweet deals to make your ink last longer!

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